My Styx Audio Collection

All of the sound bits are in .WAV format and are rather large.


In The Studio
Grand Illusion
Pieces of Eight
Paradise Theatre
King Biscuit Live in Providence RI Mar. '91
Grand Decathalon interview with Jim Ladd 1979
New York radio station '96 tour interview
Internet concert of Dallas '96 tour
Bootleg of Dallas Concert 7/4/96
Mark and Brian 8/5/96
WCKG Chicago 4/24/97
While There's Still Time
Renegade (8 min RTP ver.)
Bootleg of Houston Concert 7/5/96
At this concert Tommy and Dennis Both messed up the words Dennis DeYoung
Interview w/ Lisa Robinson
Tommy Shaw
A song Tommy never released What If
Off The Record
Howard Stern Show '88
Tommy Shaw Day Montgmry Alabama (Origanal version of Crystal Ball w/ x-verse)
Hard Rock Cafe '88
Live at the Meadowlands (ambition Bootleg)
Interview with Jim Ladd '84
CHOM Canada interview '81
WLS AM Chicago '84?
RS Guest DJ week of 12/6/82
In Flordia '88
Tokyo Japan (What if Tour)
Damn Yankees
Off The Record '93
World Premier of Don't Tread '92
Rockline 3/90, 10/90, 1/93
Combined Forces (studio Concert '90)
Ted Nugent
In the Studio
Whiplash Bash 92-93
Hard Rock Cafe Houston
Radio Tour Bootlegs
New York (lots of songs Sister Christian, She Cares)
Tommy's version of "Cryin" Dallas (Crystal Ball extra verse)
And here it is!! Houston
Kansas City
Washington DC
Night Ranger
Guest DJ's & More from 85-87

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