Styx in Vegas

The Hotel

This is the Hilton Styx played at. They were in good company. This is also the hotel Elvis used to play at for many years in Vegas. Notice the Street name...Paradise. I think the boys were meant to be here.
This is the entrance to the Theatre. Notice the nice marquee of the band. The Hilton did some great advertising for this show. There was also a couple of huge billboards on the way from the airport, with our guys faces all over them. Unfortunately I didn't get photos of that.
At one point while the crew was setting up, the Balcony door just happen to be open. So of course I snuck a peak and a couple of photos. Yes that is Ian with the keyboards.
At sound check on Friday it was easy to find many of the listees as we camped outside the theatre doors for a bit of a listen and a peak. At least till they pulled the curtain. At one point Gowan noticed some of the eyes pearing through and did a little wave. This is one of the cargo boxes we found hidden in a corner by the balcony. It holds a moniter so I was told.

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