Styx in Vegas

The Party

I'll tell you that Styx fans know how to throw a party! Here are some long view shots of the room. We were singing, passing photos books around, and general talking about of course Styx.
Howie seemed to be really getting into the act. Micky presented him with the Take me to Jail shirt. Then he decided to demonstrate the posters that Stacy made. The Brave Nude World. Great idea Dawn-Marie!
Here are the creators of that Brave Nude World Poster, Stacy and Scott. Scott is a great sport about all this. Here is The auction table at one point. There was even more stuff added later.
Sharon You shouldn't have hidden ;). I warned you I would get a photo of you when you least expected it. Yes I am Sneaky.
The Lunch buffet was great. Good friends, great food and a wonderful topic. No one went away hungry, hot maybe, but not hungry.
Since this Was Tommy's Birthday we did do some things for him. This card was brought by Stacy. We all took pictures and Signed the inside. According to Jeanne this will go in the Studio at their house. We also gave Tommy the Official Chat Log. It was painted up with that on the side and Notes and other things stuffed the inside drawer. Poor Dawn-Marie had to lug it all the way from NY!
The auction was great. We had a drawing for door prizes first. Which I won a Laminated pass for. Very Cool!. Then we had the auction itself. It lasted for almost 3 hours because we had so many things donated. The Total amount of money we raised was about $2000. Not bad huh? At one point Keith came by and told us how impressed he was that we got this many of us together and organized. Thanks Keith we tried hard. Tani Brought us all bubbles to blow at the show. She also gave us a demo!
Here is a picture of the Latch hook rug that one of the listees gave Dennis a long time ago. Suzanne DeYoung donated it back to us for charity after getting all the guys to sign it. It was the big seller of the evening. As for Fran she is gazing at a wonderful photo of Gowan that was up for auction. I missed the licking of her lips though ;) Fun and laughter was had by all. I would like to thank all those who helped to put this party together. It was great!!

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