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We ran into Gowan (thanks for the Heads up Tammy) Friday morning. He was so nice to speak with us at length. I got a very nice personalized Autograph. He also let me take a picture of us. But he didn't like the first one. For some reason it looked to dark.
So he graciously let me take another one. For some reason I kept running into him all weekend. Not that I am complaining. Although I did find out that he does not like the Leroy nickname. So I promised him a new Nametag Button (which I delivered in Amarillo). I did also get to see Tommy, Todd, and Glen in the hotel at different times. But I didn't get a chance to say much.
I had heard that Chuck was in Vegas earlier Friday, but at sound check this person put his hand on my shoulder to nicely ask me to move and who was it but Chuck. We did find out, by asking the security guard, that Chuck did have a guitar on during the rehearsal. It was so good to see him again.
Right before this shot I was talking to Gowan who had just told me that Chuck Would be playing Saturday night. When he walked up I didn't want to intrude, so I backed away and snapped off this shot. This is Gowan, Chuck, George, and Ian. On Friday night a bunch of us got together and paid for Chucks dinner. After the show George came up and thanked us all for doing it. He said Chuck was moved almost to tears. On Sunday as I leaving I ran into Chuck and Told him how great it was to have him there.

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